[VBEX] Number 2: S-Force

Moshi moshi, police?

Security Force
A secret organization created to defeat evil across time and space. A young new member has been granted the important role of introducing them. Will she be able to successfully fulfill this role?

S-Force Chase

This is my mission target: “I:P Masquerena”. She got away from me the other day when I was about to apprehend her…

S-Force Showdown

Our missions consist of jumping around all sorts of eras and dimensions by making full use of the latest technologies, in order to prevent crimes and disasters that may occur there before they even happen! As for the members of the organization, there’s plenty of weir…plenty of unique people!

Commander “Justify” is a calm and collected leader. Our members are dispatched to different eras and dimensions under his strategic orders. However, I have never seen the commander’s face! “Professor”-san supervises the scientific division. He keeps remodeling our base as he pleases, so he’s constantly receiving complaints…Apparently there’s some connection between him and his mission target, (the) “PSY-Frame(s)”, but he seems to enjoy being dispatched.

S-Force Justify

S-Force Professor DiGamma

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S-Force Pla-Tina

Next, I’ll introduce some stylish, yet kinda kook…I mean, unique members of the Security Force! First there’s “Pla-Tina”-san. She’s a lady that can manipulate space and time, but since she keeps smiling even when she’s angry, she can be very scary! “Orrafist”-san is the ace of the “Security Force” with a high arrest rate which he takes pride in. Apparently he joined the “Security Force” to obtain information on the mission target “Time Thief” by any means necessary. “Edge Razor”-san is the samurai of the “Security Force” who’s almost as superb as “Orrafist”-san. Despite his appearance, he specializes in team missions! Also, I haven’t seen this person’s face either! Finally we have “Gravitino”-san A new member that has been scouted by commander “Justify” himself. He has a power to manipulate space and time similar to “Pla-Tina”-san, and apparently he also doubles as a researcher on that subject in the organization. What do you think? Aren’t we just a bunch weirdos?

S-Force Edge Razor

S-Force Orrafist

S-Force Gravitino

Our base “Bridgehead” was developed based on “Pla-Tina”-nee-san’s power and it’s equipped with a function that lets us move through space and time! We also have tons of high-spec mecha like the mass-produced autonomous “Dog Tag”s that the professor developed!

S-Force Dog Tag

S-Force Bridgehead

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Secret Image
“Security Force”

S-Force Orrafist
Full art:


“An energy wire that can be fired like a lasso.
The tip can also be turned into a hookshot in order to reach high places”

Commentary from the VBEX: “A cowboy with a near futuristic look. He’s the eternal rival of “Time Thief Redoer”, and the beam pistol he uses as a weapon is decorated with motifs related to “time”.”

S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru
Full Art:


“An S-Force metal charm. It’s available at the store in their base”


“Can be folded
She always keeps it attached to her back”


“I/we wanted to include lots and lots of “S”-like shapes (but ultimately we couldn’t include that many)”

Yellow Parts:

“The yellow parts have an active camouflage function”

Covert Ops:


Top: “She’s not self-aware, but anyone can tell she’s a shinobi that just loves being the center of attention”
Bottom: “She often uses “because I’m a shinobi, you know” as a catchphrase”

Commentary from the VBEX: “A female ninja and the youngest member of the S-Force. She uses a massive beam shuriken and a ninjatou as weapons. Her outfit specialized in stealth and mobility is the perfect equipment for sneaking missions.”

S-Force Professor DiGamma
Full Art:


“His hair is electrified”


“His gloves are almost the same as PSY-Frame Driver’s”

Poses A and B:

Commentary from the VBEX: “He’s a rival of (the) “PSY-Frame(s)”, and he emits electric shocks similar to that of (the) “PSY-Frame(s)”. He has a device implanted in one of his eyes”

S-Force Gravitino
Full Art:


“The elevated side-parts on Gravity Controller’s head”

Black Version:

“Version with black as the main color (looks like something out of a secret society)”


“Light armor [unintelligible]” (sorry, we can’t really figure out what the artist wrote in the lower part)


Pose A (top picture):
Right: “Night scenery of a town”
Bottom: “Building wall”
Left pointing at background: “Sky”

Pose B (bottom picture):
“Jumping from the building on the right to the building on the left”

Commentary from the VBEX: This is “Gravity Controller”‘s look after joining the “S-Force”. He wears the latest technology of the “S-Force” in each part of his body, which also seems to dramatically increase his dimension-manipulating powers.

S-Force Justify

Commentary from the VBEX: “Wears a power suit with a near futuristic look that is about 3 meters tall. Since he specializes in hand-to-hand combat, he does not have any weapons like a pistol or a sword” (3m is about 9.84 feet)

S-Force Dog Tag
Full Art:


Top: “Tail used for charging”
Bottom: “Professor DiGamma’s technology”


“The armor is made out of the same technology as Justify’s power suit”


“About 2.5 meters tall” (8.2 feet)


Top: “Gravitino’s technology”
Middle: “Soles”
Bottom: “Can walk on ceilings or walls”

Commentary from the VBEX: “The mass-produced autonomous mecha of the “S-Force”. They are machines large enough so that an adult can straddle and ride them. They are also useful for things like transporting members and delivering equipment during missions.”

End of chapter.

Translation Note:
The term 執行 (shikkou) is used repeatedly in the lore. There’s a number of ways to translate this, but essentially it would be enforcing or carrying out a policy, law or dictate that has been established. If we assume the S-Force are some sort of time-space police, then they would be “executing” the law, but we don’t really know if they are a police force or just vigilantes. While some of them have a sense of justice, others may have their own personal motivations so “carrying out justice” may also not be entirely accurate. The term in question is also flexibly used as a noun, verb, and noun modifier, so we opted for more vague options like “mission” or “apprehend”. This flexible use is seen more in fiction, where the context shapes what the term entitles, but here, the context is very limited.

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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