[VBEX Lore] Number 11: Other Cards

I have no defense why it’s taken this long other than I keep having gaps of amnesia.


Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus – Sky Thunder

The Ultimate Weapon That Can Slay Even The Gods

A diabolic nightmare ironically crowned with the name of a God, it was originally constructed to counter a threat. Matching its title of ‘Sky Thunder’, it can burn the sky with thunder, shatter the stars themselves, and slay even the Gods. “WE. SHOULD. DESTROY. THE. DISASTER. WITH. THE. LAST. AND. ULTIMATE. ATTACK. BY. MANKIND.”… The “Counter-Offensive Weapon AA-ZEUS” is the 12th Weapon, designed to fight fate, that humanity created in the face of countless threats of extinction.

The Penguins, Blessed By The Goddess, Who Take A Call To Action

A group of birds have a strong sense of justice who refuse to let evil take hold. The Hero has a habit of going ahead and leaping before he looks at whatever comes his way. He is in a party with the like-minded Martial Artist, Ninja, Priest and Spellcaster, who have vowed to death the forces of evil. The party’s big adventure begins here!!

Secret Image

The five penguins, thanks to each of their strong points, make the party even stronger. Furthermore, the elites of each Penguin species assemble together, unleashing the potential of heroes never before seen in the history of Penguindom.

The Goddess Who Governs The Underworld

A Goddess who inherits the blood of Heaven, who is trapped and grieving on the other side, but glows with an unmatched aura while accompanied by her beloved Dragon, “Kur”. Deprived of light, she rejects everyone else, and refuses to forgive the world of the living. When someone appears before her, the light goes out. There is no one who has ever seen her cold beauty, and only the fact she exists is known. Her name is Eres. And she used to have the sparkle of sunlight in her eyes.

Secret Image

She’s dressed in an elegant designed outfit that steals the heart of the viewer, while her loyal dragon moves behind her in the background in an infinity symbol-shaped orbit.

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the Reference Artwork

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