[TCG] Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown

We’ve gotten some information on Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown, straight from Konami…

– The Deck will contain 40 Cards just like its OCG Counterpart
– The new zones are referred to as Pendulum Zones and the cards referred to as Pendulum Monsters.
– A game mat with the new Pendulum Zones
– There will be a Power-Up Pack, but it will be a 15 card pool instead of the 8 card pool in the OCG (Each Power-Up Pack comes with 5 Cards)
– Two cards in each Power-Up-Pack are guaranteed: Dark Hole and Odd-Eyes Dragon

The MRSP for the Deck is $12.99.

There’s also a “Space-Time Showdown Power Box” coming out at the same time which comes with:
– The Starter Deck
– The Two Power-Up Packs
– A third randomized Power-Up Pack
– A High Quality Rubber Mat with the Pendulum Zones

MRSP is $19.99


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