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Top 8 Decklists from YGOrganization Tournament #3!

With a total prize pool of 170 Dollars in raw store credit, you can bet these players were trying pretty hard.

Knowthemeta blogspot requested to do the full meta analysis of this tournament, so i’ll leave that to him (saves me a boatload of work). We did a lot of math, checking RPS, and 2-0 vs 2-1 for the day, to give people a lot more accurate a score. Here are the results and decklists for the top 8 based on their performences, and everyone in the tournament will be given an overall score (with as accurate backtracking as possible. I’ve kept records for every single event we’ve held including the old box tournaments). We hope to have the points/score tracker done soon.

1st place  – BLS4GAME – Spellbooks

2nd place  – sanji9 – Fire Fists

3rd place – momo4sho – Spellbooks

4th place – LuckyStraights – Fire Fists

5th place – ! ! ! ! ! Blaster – Fire Kings

6th place – ! xcloud – Hieratics

7th place – NickJlloyd – Fire Fists

8th place – cottondandiii – Dark Worlds

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