Tokyo Game Show 2022 Videogame Related News

Duel Links, Master Duel, Go Rush!! and the fabled Cross Duel.

For all of these events taking place in person at the TGS2022, you can obtain 1 Common Parallel Rare copy of Decode Talker per corner:

Duel Links:
-A new world will be introduced in a live stream titled “Into the Duel Links!”. The event will be streamed on September 16th at 14:15 JST and will run for 30 minutes. The only guest listed so far is Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for Soulburner.

-People attending the event can take part in the “Challenge the Legendary Duelists!” corner, where you can Duel against legendary duelists from across the various Yu-Gi-Oh! generations using character Decks from the anime.


Master Duel:
-You can experience a unique playtesting of the game in this scorpion-shaped gaming chair.
-Some new Solo Mode(s) will be revealed for the first time in this event.


RUSH DUEL: Saikyo Battle Royale!! Let’s Go! Go Rush!!
-You can playtest the game that releases on December 1st early by participating in the event, either against other players or the CPU.


Cross Duel:
-Not directly related to TGS2022, but the game has received a release date of September 6th. Here are the EN and JP announcements:

-Back to TGS2022, a special Duel between the guests will take place on September 17th at 12:30 JST (also available online). The guests will include Enako, Mr. Shachihoko, Tsuzuki Hiroki from Yonsentoshin, and Cider Morimoto.

-There will be a campaign guessing who will win the event, and also players can playtest the game on the site.


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