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Tiny bit of info on the next V-JUMP promo

This article is just an excuse to post the manga strip.

First for the left part, the top box simply says Aileron will be the bonus card for the OCG.

“Aileron assists Sky Strikers!”

“[It] becomes the light that guides you!!”
“An absolute must if you plan to build a Sky Striker Deck! Light up the path to victory with this newly introduced character!!”

Note: “Light” in the first line is written with the kanji for “flash”, the one used in the name for the Sky Striker theme.

Now for the 4-koma:

Dark Cat: “I equip Aileron to my Sky Striker.”
Light Cat: “Hmph! Unacceptable.”

Light Cat: “Sky Striker Ace is the perfected cute girl warrior.”
“Any further attachments would be an affront to Sky Striker-san” *scoffs*

Light Cat off-screen: “An equip would be…”
Aileron: “Sky Striker onee-chan.”
Raye: “Who’s a little cutie…”
*hug sounds*

Light Cat: “Wait a minute…on the other hand…it kinda works?”
*Excited sounds*
Dark Cat: “I attack directly with my Sky Striker.”

The tl;dr is that apparently Aileron has an effect that involves equipping itself to Sky Strikers to some degree.