[ST18] Lighdron Leo

The live broadcast of the Duel Live 2018 event revealed a new card from the 2018 Starter Deck, a low level Beatstick, specifically.

ST18-JP001 ライドロン Lighdron Leo
Level 4 EARTH Cyberse Normal Monster
ATK 2000
高い適合能力を持った電子獣。 縄張り意識が強い。
“A highly adaptable digital beast. It has a strong sense of its own domain.”

Note: This card’s name seems to be a mash-up of several words. Light(ning). Leo.  Ride. Tron. To be perfectly honest, I expect it to be officially localized as Leotron. But I’ve figured to go with the Light and Leo portions being emphasized at the moment.



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