[DIFO] Dogmatikaturgy

Talk about a dramatic entrance

DIFO-JP073 ドラグマトゥルギー Dragmaturgy (Dogmatikaturgy)
Normal Trap Card
You can only use 1 of the 1st and 2nd effect of this card’s name per turn, and only once that turn.
(1) Ritual Summon 1 “Dogmatika” Ritual Monster from your hand or Deck, by Tributing “Dogmatika” monsters and/or Ritual, Fusion, or Synchro Monsters from your field whose total Levels exactly equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon.
(2) You can banish this card from your GY, then target 2 “Dogmatika” monsters with different Levels in your GY; add 1 of them to your hand, and place the other on the bottom of the Deck.

Note: Dramaturgy is the study of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage.


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