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Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve written something, which I wish I could do more often. But, inspiration isn’t something that comes often to me, plus I have a multitude of other things to assist people with, so the schedule is a bit tight.¬†One of the things I have been doing in the meantime though is working on the back end of the website, so that everyone can enjoy the site to the fullest. Personally, I have felt really lost while we have been in the process of updating and migrating to bigger and better servers, because the end of the site that you all get to see wasn’t being updated. So, I took it upon myself to assist any way I could to get things back in tip-top shape.

That leads me into the basis for this post. As many of you may know, or have unintentionally noticed, the most recent article you may have seen for the last few days was on January 20th. That’s actually not quite the case, as we have had back to writing articles for you for the last few days, but no one could see them! At least, from the front page. If you follow our Facebook group, you’ve been able to access the new articles via the links there. And then, it finally came to our attention that there was a legitimate issue, that we were unaware about, which I will explain how that came to be shortly. We alerted everyone.

Turns out the home page hasn’t been updating for 2 weeks unless you’ve been logging into the site. What a terrible oversight on our parts, we are incredibly sorry and working to resolve this issue immediately.

One solution is to just edit every single page (as edited ones work), another is to open sign-ups for the website, and a third is to just try and see if we can randomly fix it by tinkering. We’ll gauge the pro’s and con’s on the site and see what comes up with being the best result.


The issue was that anyone who did not log into the site (so, anyone that was not a writer, hence why we never noticed the issue), would receive an out of date version of the home page, that would never update when a new post was made. This is due to a cache error that for some unknown reason appeared, and was quite difficult to get rid of. I spent a lot of time diagnosing the issue, reading up on things that made next to no sense to me, and, well, after some struggle, I persevered and resolved the issue with virtually no consequences.

Now that we have all of our technical issues out of the way, you guys will start seeing the site develop immensely with all kinds of neat new features and content! I can’t wait to get started with working on our updates.

(Note: If anyone is still having any kinds of issues, please, post a comment down below.)

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