[MERCHANDISE] New The Yetee and shop.yugioh.com apparel

Greed is good, don’t you know?

New Yu-Gi-Oh! apparel and plushies have been added to The Yetee and shop.yugioh.com.

First, The Yetee have added an interesting concept, the “Shadow Realm Found Footage” shirt for $32.00 USD:

They’ve also added this cross-body bag for $50.00 USD:

Next, shop-yugioh.com have added their Pot of Greed collection – not to be confused with the Pot Collection, with a variety of tops bearing Pot of Greed’s smug mug. And some actual smug mugs.

Pot of Greed and Pot of Greed Pattern Ceramic mugs ($11.50 USD each)

Red Pot of Greed Ceramic Mug ($14.50 USD)

Unisex Tank Tops ($24.99 USD each)

  • Unisex Emblem Tank comes in black, sports grey (pictured) and red
  • Unisex Stamp Tank comes in black (pictured), navy and white

Hoodies (Stamp Youth, Heritage Backprint, and Collection Youth)

  • Prices: $46.25 (Stamp Youth and Collection Youth), $57.99 (Heritage Backprint)
  • Stamp Youth comes in black (pictured), sports grey, navy and carolina blue
  • Heritage Backprint comes in black, sand, maroon (pictured), navy, and indigo blue
  • Collection Youth comes in red, black (pictured), sports grey, navy and carolina blue


Youth Tees (Silhouette, Collection and Circle, $23.99 USD each)

  • Silhouette Youth Tee comes in black (pictured), navy, sport grey, and light blue
  • Collection Youth Tee comes in light blue (pictured), royal (blue), Irish green, red and black
  • Circle Youth Tee comes in royal (blue, pictured), red, navy and black

Normal Tees (Silhouette and Circle, $25.99 each)

  • Silhouette Tee comes in black (pictured), orange, navy, sport grey, and white
  • Circle tee comes in orange (pictured), royal (blue), cardinal red, black, dark chocolate, and navy

Pot of Greed pin (17.99 USD)


In addition to the Pot of Greed collection, three new 8″ plushies of Kuriboh, Dark Magician Girl, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon have also been released!

Kuriboh and Dark Magician Girl are $29.99 USD and Blue-Eyes White Dragon is $38.99 USD.


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