[RD/EXT1] Gracesaurus and Metallion Ladonstar

And a fourth wing of the Metallion circus is revealed!

RD/EXT1-JP007 グレイスザウルス Gracesaurus
Level 4 LIGHT Dinosaur-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1400
DEF 500
(A gentle dinosaur that doesn’t like conflict. Its always gracefully watching the audience.)


RD/EXT1-JP004 メタリオン・ラードンスター Metallion Ladonstar
Level 9 LIGHT Cyborg-Type Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 2800
DEF 2500
Materials: “Imaginary Actor” + “Gracesaurus”
[Requirement] You can activate this by sending 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard.
[Choice Effect]
● Choose 1 face-up monster your opponent controls, and it loses 1500 ATK/DEF until the end of this turn.
● All face-up monsters your opponent controls (Dinosaur) lose 2000 ATK/DEF until the end of this turn.


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