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[Deck Recipe] “Unchained” + “Yubel” Deck

A marriage of exploding things made in heaven.

Instructor Created Deck #77: “Unchained” + “Yubel” Deck

Using Cards from Eternity Code!!

2 Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare
2 Yubel – Terror Incarnate
3 Yubel
2 Abominable Unchained Soul
1 Unchained Soul of Disaster
3 Keeper of Dragon Magic
1 Dark Spirit of Malice
1 Dark Spirit of Banishment
3 Unchained Twins – Aruha
2 Unchained Twins – Rakea
2 Unchained Twins – Sarama

3 Abomination’s Prison
1 Dark Hole
3 Fusion Dispatch
3 Supply Squad

2 Escape of the Unchained
2 Abiminable Chamber of the Unchained
2 Torrential Tribute
2 Call of the Haunted

1 Elemental HERO Neos Kluger
1 Topologic Bomber Dragon
2 Unchained Abomination
1 Topologic Zeroboros
1 Borrelguard Dragon
1 Topologic Trisbaena
2 Unchained Soul of Anguish
2 Knightmare Unicorn
3 Unchained Soul of Rage
1 Baba Barber

Deck Commentary

An “Unchained” + “Yubel” that uses “Fusion Dispatch” from Eternity Code.

After activating the effect of “Unchained” monsters, you cannot Special Summon monsters except Fiend monster, but since “Yubel” et al are Fiends, they have good synergy.

“Yubel” can be Special Summoned by revealing “Elemental HERO Neos Kluger” from the Extra Deck for the effects of “Fusion Dispatch” and “Keeper of Dragon Maigic”, and with that set up, destroy “Yubel” et al, with the effects of “Unchained” monsters, allowing you to Special Summon “Yubel – Terror Incarnate” and “Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare”.

The effect of “Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare” has a powerful effect, allowing you to inflict massive damage if your opponent has powerful monsters they control.

– Knight of Hanoi

POINT: Improved Stability & Explosive Build Up

The first effect of “Keeper of Dragon Magic” lets you consistently add “Fusion Dispatch” to your hand, letting you easily bring out “Yubel”.

It’s also a good idea to discard a Level 8 Fiend like “Abominable Unchained Soul” from your hand.

Also, its second effect Special Summons “Yubel” from the GY, showing this Deck’s consistency and explosive ability has lept by leaps and bounds.


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