Cards from Episode 72 [GO RUSH!!]

Abandon Hope.

Not confirmed for release, but whether you believe that or not is your problem!

秘密捜査官ミスファイア Himitsu Sousakan Miss Fire (Secret Investigator Miss Fire)
Level 3 LIGHT Reptile Effect Monster
ATK 1300
【REQUIREMENT】 During the turn this card is Normal Summoned, pay 300 LP.
【EFFECT】 Inflict 300 damage to your opponent times [The number of face-up LIGHT Reptile monsters you control].

Note: Play on Misfire

秘密捜査官ミストラル Himitsu Sousakan Miss Trial (Secret Investigator Miss Trial)
Level 3 LIGHT Reptile Effect Monster
ATK 300
DEF 300
【REQUIREMENT】 Shuffle 3 LIGHT Reptile monsters in your GY back into the Deck and Send this face-up card you control to the GY.
【EFFECT】 Choose 1 Level 3 or lower face-up monster your opponent controls and return it to the owner’s hand, then, inflict 300 damage to your opponent, then all face-up monsters your opponent controls lose 300 ATK/DEF until the end of the turn.

Note: Play on Mistrial, a failed or corrupt trial. See mistrial of justice.

ダークネス・サンサーラ Darkness Samsara
Level 1 DARK Reptile Effect Monster
【REQUIREMENT】 Shuffle 1 Reptile monster in your GY back into the Deck.
【EFFECT】 Choose 1 Level 7 or higher monster your opponent and change its Battle Position (Attack Position to face-up Defense Position; Defense Position to face-up Attack Position). During this turn, you cannot attack with monsters, except Reptile monsters.

秘密捜査長官ミスフォーチュン Himitsu Sousa Choukan Miss Fortune (Director of Secret Investigations Miss Fortune)
Level 9 LIGHT Reptile Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2300
Materials: “Elite Secret Investigator Miss Tery” + “Darkness Samsara”
【REQUIREMENT】 Shuffle 3 Reptile monsters in your GY back into the Deck
【EFFECT】 Choose 1 monster your opponent controls. During this turn, that monster cannot be destroyed by battle and this card can attack thrice each Battle Phase and its attacks pierce.

Note: Play on Misfortune

秘密カイザン Himitsu Kaizan (Secret Cover-Up)
Normal Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 If each player controls a face-up Level 7 or higher monster, send 3 LIGHT Reptile monsters from the hand to the GY.
【EFFECT】 Draw 3 cards.

秘密捜査車サンダーバード Himitsu Sousa Mobile Thunderbird (Secret Investigation Mobile Thunderbird)
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Equip to 1 face-up LIGHT Reptile monster you control.
[EFFECT] The equipped monster gains 300 ATK and can attack directly.

Note: Thunderbird starts with “San” in Japanese, i.e. it sounds like 3. Thunderbirds is a classic 60s British Sci-Fi show that was generally influential on creators, even in Japan.

ヴォイドヴェルグ・ウェリテス Voidvelgr Velites
Level 2 DARK Galaxy Effect Monster
ATK 100
DEF 1000
【REQUIREMENT】 Send this face-up card you control to the GY.
【EFFECT】 Send the top card of your Deck to the GY, then, you can choose a number of DARK Galaxy Normal Monsters in your GY up to [The total number of face-up Level 7 or higher monsters on the field] and add them to the hand.

Note: Velites were a class of infantry in the Roman army of the mid-Republic from 211 to 107 BC. Velites were light infantry and skirmishers armed with javelins.

ヴォイドアルヴェルグ・パンドーラ Voidalfvelgr Pandora
Level 9 DARK Galaxy Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2000
Materials: “Voidvelgr Pale Rider” + “Voildalfar Heavenstar”
【REQUIREMENT】 Send 1 card from the hand to the GY.
【EFFECT】 This card gains 1000 ATK until the end of the turn, then choose 1 face-up monster on the field and change its Attribute to an Attribute of your choice until the end of the opponent’s turn. If you choose, then, you can choose 1 “Tractor Wave” in your GY and add it to the hand.

Note: Pandora is a woman made by the gods given an urn or jar (not a box) filled with all the world’s ills. Depending on the version she took Hope, the last thing in the urn, and either freed it or sealed it away to save mankind.

ヴォイドヴェルグ・エルピス Voidvelgr Elpis
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Equip to 1 face-up Galaxy monster you control.
【EFFECT】 Your opponent cannot activate Trap Cards when the equipped monster declares an attack. If your opponent controls a face-up monster with the same Attribute as the equipped monster, then the equipped monster gains 1000 ATK.

Note: Elpis is the Greek word for “Hope”

トラクター・ウェーブ Tractor Wave
Normal Trap Card
【REQUIREMENT】 When your opponent Normal Summons a monster and if you control a face-up monster with the same Attribute as that monster.
【EFFECT】 Gain control of that Normal Summoned monster (Change it to your field and use it as your own card).


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5 thoughts on “Cards from Episode 72 [GO RUSH!!]

  • August 21, 2023 at 8:02 am

    Probably Voidarve would be in Animation Chronicles for Rush Duel or Premium Pack (comes with OCG version)

  • August 21, 2023 at 9:09 am

    When do you post cards Fusion dark galaxy My yudas

  • August 21, 2023 at 11:55 am

    At this point, I’m amused that, with all the related support, I don’t think we’ll get Voidarve until next year (in a possible Megaroad Pack 3)

    By the way, Tractor Wave is one of the rare cases of cards in Rush Duels with a Change of Heart-style Effect.

    • August 21, 2023 at 6:23 pm

      Probably Voidarve and its fusion will be rare or common rarity similar to Jointech Stinger. I really hope for Yuma Baseball (i really want a parody version of future utopic and gagaga girl) and Ewekai support (maximum sheep girl) in the future High Chance pack.

      BTW, Secret Investigations fusion will print soon in upcoming booster pack rush duel due to the rest of Secret Investigations already in the latest rush duel pack.

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