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Ygorganization going forward

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I wanted to make a post addressing a few recent changes and some future plans.

As I’m sure many of you noticed, we had a bit of downtime yesterday. We couldn’t afford the server we used to be on; and had to go back to a cheaper option which resulted in an inability to handle the traffic we received. We’re trying out a few options, one of which should hopefully sustain our viewers but it will inevitably be more expensive. We hope this means Ygorganization will be more accessible and available going forward.

With that said, we welcome as our newest advertiser, in the hopes that we can help them out, while subsidizing our ever increasing costs to maintain a constantly growing viewership. We love you guys and want to bring you the best news, but as we grow in popularity, costs go up and income does not.

We’ve recently opened up a Patreon Page to assist with the funding, and hopefully fund a few future goals of ours. We have a podcast, a forum, a YouTube channel, and a live stream all of which we’re hoping to start up in the future, among other awesome upgrades to the site and features we hope to bring to it in the future. We will never charge for our content. Patreon is essentially Kickstarter for things that already exist, to help them continue to exist.

I want that to be perfectly clear: the entirety of our website will always remain absolutely free to all of our viewers, at no point will you ever have to pay a cent for any of our content. This is simply an avenue with which we hope to generate some funds from our more loyal followers. We plan to come up with some rewards for those followers, but we cannot censor content from those who do not contribute. If you guys have any ideas for things you think would be cool, shoot us some comments below.

Speaking of comments! Recent months have really shown a humongous uproar in our comments sections. Articles are starting to approach 1000 comments at times, and our lone mod dutied with reading every single one of them has been getting taxed pretty hard! This has encouraged us to make the forum our first priority, and we look forward to launching it soon. We’ll open sign-ups before officially launching for those who want to get in early and secure a username, and that announcement will be on the Patreon page for our contributors.

Things going forward will be a bit hit or miss, but we’re confident that our gameplan will see great success. Thanks to all of you for your continued viewership, it means a great deal to me.

This entire team all work super, super hard, and I really hope to maintain this little hub for them to reach you all so efficiently and effectively.

Alternatively, you can also donate using the button below, if you don’t want to involve yourself in the patreon nonsense and simply want to support the cause



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