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[The Other Side] The Player Pyramid – Who are you targeting?

The newest post from my new favourite blog

For those of you who don’t know yet, Konami’s European Product Manager has launched a website that discusses the business and philosophy of card game design. There’s some incredibly good reads over there, the newst one beingĀ The Player Pyramid.

There are no posts pertaining to yugioh, nor will there ever be, as he is a professional who naturally follows the rules of his position which include not detailing specifics about the game. We posted an interview he had with farfa earlier, and he’s been very active about Speed Duel design and feedback from the players over in our discord server. I hope you guys check out this blog and learn some really cool stuff, as I’m sure more than a few tidbits in there apply to yugioh as well!

If you want to reach out to him directly, be it for feedback about his new blog, or questions you’d like him to answer, he’s publicly available over on twitter at

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