The Base Contents of Valiant Smashers [TCG]

Collector’s Rare and Quarter Century not confirmed as of this time.

VASM-EN001 “Mementoal Tecuhtlica – Combined Creation” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN002 “Mementotlan-Horned Dragon” Rare New
VASM-EN003 “Mementotlan Tatsunootoshigo” Super Rare New
VASM-EN004 “Mementotlan Dark Blade” Super Rare New
VASM-EN005 “Mementotlan Angwitch” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN006 “Mementotlan Mace” Super Rare New
VASM-EN007 “Mementotlan Goblin” Rare New
VASM-EN008 “Mementomictlan” Rare New
VASM-EN009 “Mementotlan Bone Party” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN010 “Mementotlan Bone Back” Rare New
VASM-EN011 “Mementotlan Fracture Dance” Rare New
VASM-EN012 “Mementotlan Cranium Burst” Rare New
VASM-EN013 “Terraforming” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN014 “Supply Squad” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN015 “There Can Be Only One” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN016 “Centur-Ion Primera” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN017 “Centur-Ion Trudea” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN018 “Centur-Ion Emeth VI” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN019 “Centur-Ion Legatia” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN020 “Stand Up Centur-Ion!” Super Rare New
VASM-EN021 “Emblema Oath” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN022 “Centur-Ion Bonds” Super Rare New
VASM-EN023 “Centur-Ion Phalanx” Super Rare New
VASM-EN024 “Centur-Ion True Awakening” Super Rare New
VASM-EN025 “Summoner Monk” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN026 “Draco Berserker of the Tenyi” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN027 “Angel of Zera” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN028 “Magic Planter” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN029 “Synchro Transmission” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN030 “Gravity Collapse” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN031 “Angello Vaalmonica” Super Rare New
VASM-EN032 “Dimonno Vaalmonica” Super Rare New
VASM-EN033 “Duralume, Vaalmonican Heathen Hallow” Super Rare New
VASM-EN034 “Zebufera, Vaalmonican Hallow Heathen” Super Rare New
VASM-EN035 “Vaalmonica, the Agathokakological Voice” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN036 “Vaalmonica Scelta” Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN037 “Vaalmonica Versare” Super Rare New
VASM-EN038 “Vaalmonica Intonare” Super Rare New
VASM-EN039 “Vaalmonica Followed Rhythm” Super Rare New
VASM-EN040 “Vaalmonica Chosen Melody” Super Rare New
VASM-EN041 “Protecting Spirit Loagaeth” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN042 “Performage Trick Clown” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN043 “Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN044 “Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN045 “Stained Glass of Light & Dark” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN046 “Honest” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN047 “Dark Honest” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN048 “Archlord Kristya” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN049 “Meklord Emperor Wisel” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN050 “Meklord Emperor Granel” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN051 “Abominable Unchained Soul” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN052 “Ibicella Lutea” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN053 “Archnemeses Eschatos” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN054 “Colossal Fighter” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN055 “Foolish Burial” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN056 “Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN057 “Advance Draw” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN058 “Imperial Custom” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN059 “Call of the Haunted” Rare Reprint
VASM-EN060 “Apophis the Swamp Deity” Rare Reprint
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2 thoughts on “The Base Contents of Valiant Smashers [TCG]

  • November 6, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    I only wish that there was some new ancient gear support, but I know that’s unlikely, but I still have some hope that the day will come when we get new ancient gear support.

    • November 6, 2023 at 10:47 pm

      I’ll just take an Ancient Gear Fortress reprint at this rate. I get that 2023 is the “Year of Fire” but how about some Ancient Gear, Karakuri, or X-Saber for God’s sake

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