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[VBEX2 Lore] Number 5: Isekai Adventurer

A fabulous life of adventure is just one Truck-kun away.


“Isekai Adventurer”

When you woke up, what lay before you was another world that you had never seen before…This is the story of the “Adventurer” who was summoned to an Isekai thanks to an ancient ritual.

The Adventurer Awakens

Rite of Aramesir

Water Enchantress of the Temple
Water Enchantress of the Temple: Hey, you’re finally awake. You were summoned to this world with a ritual of an ancient covenant. People of all sorts of races exist in this world, alongside unknown monsters and the power of magic. Also, there’s valuable treasures sleeping in ruins around the world. C’mon, let’s leave this temple and embark on a journey full of adventure. I’ll try and support you with my water magic, even though I’m not that skilled!
Fellowship Of The Adventure
Danger is a part of our journey of adventure. That being the case, we’ll need companions we can trust. Which is why we befriended “Magicore Warrior” who has a sturdy body, and “Gryphon Rider”, a member of the felinoids. Lets continue our adventure with our four-member traveling party!

Magicore Warrior of the Relics

Wandering Gryphon Rider

Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon
Our transportation while on the roads

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A Dangerous Journey

Forest of Lost Flowers
 Once you get lost in the “Forest of Lost Flowers”, it’s impawssible to escape, so use the “Starlit Papillons” to help you find the way out! There’s dangerous battles on the way, but we’ll be the cat’s meow with the healing magic of “The Goddess.”

Starlit Papillon
A mysterious butterfly shows the right way to go

Breath of Resurrection

Zaralaam the Dark Palace
Hmph! “Zaralaam” is a demonic cavern where monsters of the dark dwell. I’ll take the lead. Hoh~, will the power of the light of “Dunnell” pave the way to the newest area? The lord of these ruins should be awaiting you beyond that point. Prepare to summon the “Lord of Thunder”!

Dunnell, the Noble Arms of Light
The Shining Holy Sword

Illegal Knight
A Mysterious Knight Encountered In A Dungeon
A magical swordsman encountered in ancient ruins. At that time, they fought with us, but their race, gender, etc. are all unknown.

Fateful Adventure
Come, dear Adventurer, it’s time to begin a new adventure…

Secret Image
Isekai Adventurer

Concept Art for the theme
Note on Gryphon Rider: “Perhaps a structure for a ballista or similar?”

Water Enchantress of the Temple

End of chapter

TL note: (Sorry, the actual image is too small and when zoomed in, it gets too distorted. If we ever find another pic, we’ll gladly translate it, but it’s a physical challenge on the image itself)
Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.


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