[TCG] Version 10 Rulebook Released

At least online only for the moment. And apparently the rules for multiple cards activating simultaneously, known by most as SEGOC (Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain) have changed for the Trading Card Game.

Based on what the Judges we know and have on staff are saying, this is what’s going on:

The Trading Card Game used to insist that two mandatory effects possessed by the same player OR two optional effects possessed by the same player could not be activated in any order the player desired unless both effects’ activation conditions were met at the same time.

This is no longer the case.

The most basic way of explaining this is you can now use Sonic Warrior’s ATK gain effect before Junk Warrior resolves, where as due to how the TCG handled things before, you could not.

This means the TCG is much closer, seemingly, to matching up with the OCG’s methods of handling SEGOC, with the other remaining difference being with regards to Public vs Private Information, unless someone higher up says otherwise that this changes it too (which would require invalidating or updating the Fast Effect Timing Chart)


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