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[TCG] Updates on Hidden Arsenal

Set artwork for the new reprint set is confirmed, along with an import from the OCG confirmed for Dragunity.

Konami Tournament Legal Date: 1/28/2022
MSRP: $14.99 per set

Learn the legends and experience the story from the beginning with Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1! It’s been over a decade since the Hidden Arsenal era began, and now, Duelists can obtain historic cards from the first four Hidden Arsenal sets like they’ve never been seen before and learn the stories behind them in this epic collection! Featuring Worms, Dragunity, Ice Barriers, and so much more!

All of the cards in the original Hidden Arsenal series were either Super Rares or Secret Rares, but in Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 many of them can be obtained as Ultra Rares! Each box will have 2 standard Ultra Rares and 4 colorful Ultra Rares. The entire Ultra Rare pool is available in blue, green, purple, and the standard gold.

Each Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 box will contain one of several special collectible dice. As a special bonus, Duelists can also learn the legends of the Hidden Arsenal world! Each box will come with an insert detailing part of the Hidden Arsenal story, officially available in English for the first time!

Each Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 box contains a total of:

1 Secret Rare
6 Ultra Rares (2 standard Ultra Rares, 4 colorful Ultra Rares)
30 Commons

1 Hidden Arsenal Storyline Insert with Game Mat

1 Special Collectible Dice

*Set contents subject to change. Complete set contents available at a later date.

  • The Revealed Pack Art displays:
    • – Dragunity Guisarme (Import)
    • – Naturia Cherry (Reprint)
    • – Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier (Reprint)


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