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[TCG] Summer 2017 Product Line-Up

Confirming the size of Pendulum Evolution and a new Product for July.

Reiteration of Machine Reactor & Dinosmashers Fury.

June 23rd is Pendulum Evolution (which is a Booster Special Pack for the TCG)

July 21st is the 2017 Starter Deck

Pendulum Evolution is confirmed to be a 60 card set with a mix of Ultra and Super Rares, the exact distribution is unknown.

2017 Starter Deck
Release Date: July 21st, 2017

Introduces the new Link Mechanic

Contains 3 Link Monsters to get players familiar and comfortable with the new Link Mechanic before the TCG version of Code of the Duelist (TCG Name Unconfirmed) releases in August

Price: $9.99 per Deck

41 Cards per Deck (40 Card Main Deck, 3 Card Extra Deck, 2 Ultra Rares, and 3 Super Rares)

8 Decks per Display

12 Displays per Case

Duelist Saga is confirmed to have Frightfur, Darklord and HERO related cards included.


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