[TCG] Smol INOV Checklist posted

Time for the guessing game.


From this checklist, we can see that the extra cards the TCG will be receiving are:
TCG premiere cards:
000: Space Dragster, as we covered before.
081: Synchro Monster
082: Effect Monster
083: Effect Monster
084: Effect Monster
085: Trap Card
086: Effect Monster
087: Effect Monster
088: Spell Card
089: Spell Card

OCG import cards:
090: Spell Card
091: Spell Card
092: Effect Monster
093: Effect Monster
094: Effect Monster
095: Trap Card
096: Trap Card
097: Trap Card
098: Trap Card
099: Xyz Monster

Source: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/sneakpeek/sneakpeek_info.html

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