[TCG] OTS Tournament Pack 14 Portuguese Additions

For the usual “Portuguese speaking countries didn’t have cards printed in their language for ages” issue.

OP14-PT027 Força Arcana 0 – O Tolo (EN: Arcana Force 0 – The Fool)
OP14-PT028 Força Arcana XIV – A Temperança (EN: Arcana Force XIV – Temperance)
OP14-PT029 Força Arcana XXI – O Mundo (EN: Arcana Force XXI – The World)
OP14-PT030 Barreira de Luz (EN: Light Barrier)
OP14-PT031 Reversão do Destino (EN: Reversal of Fate)
OP14-PT032 Necromante Inférnico (EN: Infernity Necromancer)
OP14-PT033 Vingador Inférnico (EN: Infernity Avenger)
OP14-PT034 Besouro Inférnico (EN: Infernity Beetle)
OP14-PT035 Dragão da Condenação Inférnico (EN: Infernity Doom Dragon)
OP14-PT036 Barreira Inférnica (EN: Infernity Barrier)


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