TCG names for upcoming SHS and RDA Support

From the Live Duel at the NAWCQ.

Some names of upcoming cards for the Superheavy Samurai theme and the Jack Atlas Red Dragon Archfiend/Resonator Deck have been revealed in the Live Duel at the NAWCCQ:

The Superheavy Samurai promo from the V-JUMP will be named “Superheavy Samurai Security”, and will be imported in the TCG edition of Duelist Nexus.

“Bone Archfiend”, “Vision Resonator” and “Absolute Powerforce” will be included in the upcoming Structure Deck: The Crimson King.

Additionally, the bonus card included in the OCG version of the Structure Deck was revealed on stream, but we didn’t get its name.

Source (around 8 hours 24 mins in, if the timestamp does not work).

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