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[TCG] The Mega-Tin

Tins are changing this year, but the changes are good:

Hot news just arrived from Konami. They will only be releasing one Yu’Gi’Oh! tin for 2014 but not just any tin a MEGA-TIN!

Let’s take a look at what’s making these tins so MEGA!

  • To start with they’ve upgraded the tins to maximize storage space for Duelists. They’ll weigh in a whooping 15% larger than previous years allowing a lot more storage.
  • Each MEGA-Tin includes three 16-card Mega-packs with cards taken from a specially made 274 mega set of a year’s worth of core booster releases. That’s a massive 12 commons, 1 rare, 1 super rare, 1 ultra rare and 1 secret rare card.
  • Three variant cards supporting each Mega-Tin’s theme will be included in their respective tins. That’s 2 super rare and 1 never-before-seen rarity… <drum roll> …Platinum Secret Rare version of the Mega-Tin cover monster!!!!!!
  • This adds up to a Godzilla of a tin with a total of 51 cards with 12 foils. That’s the highest number of foils ever assembled in a single tin!
  • Each Mega-Tin design will be based on two of the more powerful tournament deck themes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG competitive scene – Bujins and Fire Fists.
  • Player are certain to want to collect both Mega-Tins so they can place them alongside each other for a truly epic mural of Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters.
  • To avoid disappointment getting what you need of this highly anticipated product we recommend you preorder immediately.


15% larger storage tin
51 cards with 12 foils
New rarity card – the Platinum Secret Rare
Both tins draw from popular competitive deck themes – Bujins and Fire Fists
Code: KON89954
MSRP: $19.99 per tin, $239.88 per case (12 tins)
Release: August 2014



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