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[TCG] Dimension of Chaos Sneak Peek Mat & Checklist

An image of the Dimension of Chaos Sneak Peek mat and checklist has surfaced.


The TCG world premiers are organized as follows:

DOCS-EN081 Trap Card
DOCS-EN082 Effect Monster
DOCS-EN083 Effect Monster
DOCS-EN084 Effect Monster
DOCS-EN085 Effect Monster
DOCS-EN086 Spell Card
DOCS-EN087 Effect Monster
DOCS-EN088 Effect Monster
DOCS-EN089 Trap Card

Whereas the cards imported from OCG sources are:

DOCS-EN090 Xyz Monster
DOCS-EN091 Pendulum/Effect Monster
DOCS-EN092 Pendulum/Effect Monster
DOCS-EN093 Spell Card
DOCS-EN094 Spell Card
DOCS-EN095 Trap Card
DOCS-EN096 Trap Card
DOCS-EN097 Trap Card
DOCS-EN098 Pendulum/Effect Monster
DOCS-EN099 Pendulum/Effect Monster


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