[TCG BLCR] Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge complete set spoiler

The full setlist has been revealed on the database, including a lot more Starlight Rares than was anticipated.

BLCR-EN001 – Royal Straight Slasher (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN002 – Royal Straight (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN003 – Dragon Nails (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN004 – Thunder Ball (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN005 – Dice Dungeon (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN006 – Dimension Dice (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN007 – Clockwork Night (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN008 – EN Shuffle (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN009 – Battle of Sleeping Spirits (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN010 – Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN011 – Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN012 – Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN013 – Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN014 – Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN015 – Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN016 – Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN017 – Dyna Base (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN018 – Dyna Tank (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN019 – Gadget Box (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN020 – Morphtronic Impact Return (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN021 – Tool Box (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN022 – Crystal Skull (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN023 – Curse Reflection Doll (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN024 – Stonehenge (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN025 – Dream Shark (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN026 – Heroic Call (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN027 – Oily Cicada (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN028 – Dream Cicada (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN029 – Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN030 – Ninjitsu Art of Mosquito Marching (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN031 – Performapal Odd-Eyes Seer (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN032 – Doodle Beast – Stego (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN033 – Doodle Beast – Tyranno (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN034 – Doodlebook – Uh uh uh! (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN035 – Todoroki the Earthbolt Star (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN036 – Senko the Skybolt Star (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN037 – Raijin the Breakbolt Star (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN038 – Amazoness Hall (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN039 – Amazoness Hot Spring (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN040 – G Golem Rock Hammer (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN041 – G Golem Pebble Dog (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN042 – G Golem Crystal Heart (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN043 – G Golem Stubborn Menhir (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN044 – G Golem Invalid Dolmen (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN045 – G Golem Dignified Trilithon (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN046 – Gravity Balance (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN047 – Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN048 – Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN049 – Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN050 – Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN051 – Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN052 – Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN053 – Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN054 – Advanced Dark (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN055 – Rainbow Bridge (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN056 – Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN057 – Blackwing – Bora the Spear (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN058 – Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN059 – Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN060 – Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN061 – Blackwing – Breeze the Zephyr (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN062 – Blackwing – Simoon the Poison Wind (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN063 – Blackwing – Gram the Shining Star (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN064 – Blackwing Full Armor Master (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN065 – Toon Black Luster Soldier (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN066 – Toon Harpie Lady (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN067 – Toon Bookmark (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN068 – Toon Page-Flip (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN069 – Toon Terror (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN070 – The Chaos Creator (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN071 – Chaos Daedalus (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN072 – Chaos Valkyria (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN073 – Chaos Space (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN074 – Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN075 – Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN076 – Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN077 – D.D. Crow (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN078 – Edge Imp Chain (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN079 – Token Collector (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN080 – Koa’ki Meiru Supplier (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN081 – Doomkaiser Dragon (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN082 – Revived King Ha Des (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN083 – Borreload Savage Dragon (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN084 – Number 100: Numeron Dragon (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN085 – Number F0: Utopic Draco Future (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN086 – Frightfur Patchwork (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN087 – Salamangreat Circle (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN088 – Fusion Destiny (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN089 – Emblem of the Plunder Patroll (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN090 – Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN091 – Avendread Savior (Ultra Rare)
BLCR-EN092 – Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN093 – Accesscode Talker (Secret Rare/Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN094 – Blackbeard, the Plunder Patroll Captain (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN095 – Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN096 – Evil★Twin Ki-sikil (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN097 – Evil★Twin Lil-la (Secret Rare)
BLCR-EN098 – Yata-Garasu (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN099 – Blackwing Armor Master (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN100 – Super Polymerization (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN101 – Exodia the Forbidden One (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN102 – Right Leg of the Forbidden One (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN103 – Left Leg of the Forbidden One (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN104 – Right Arm of the Forbidden One (Starlight Rare)
BLCR-EN105 – Left Arm of the Forbidden One (Starlight Rare)


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