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[TC OCG] Starter Pack 3 Spoiler List

China’s attack of good stuff continues.

SP03-TC001 真紅眼黑龍 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Ultra Rare)
SP03-TC002 拉長石龍 Labradorite Dragon (Common)
SP03-TC003 X-首領加農 X-Head Cannon (Common)
SP03-TC004 大木炭18 Charcoal Inpachi (Common)
SP03-TC005 神獸王巴巴洛斯 Beast King Barbaros (Super Rare)
SP03-TC006 火之迦具土 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi (Rare)
SP03-TC007 可變機獸 砲手龍 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast (Common)
SP03-TC008 虛無魔人 Vanity’s Fiend (Common)
SP03-TC009 巨型植物 Gigaplant (Common)
SP03-TC010 電子龍 Cyber Dragon (Common)
SP03-TC011 光子斬擊者 Photon Thrasher (Rare)
SP03-TC012 陷阱吞噬者 Trap Eater (Common)
SP03-TC013 魔鏡導士 限界反射者 Reflect Bounder (Common)
SP03-TC014 魔導戰士 破壞者 Breaker the Magical Warrior (Rare)
SP03-TC015 潛行狙擊手 Snipe Hunter (Common)
SP03-TC016 告密蜘蛛 Informer Spider (Common)
SP03-TC017 UFO烏龜 UFO Turtle (Rare)
SP03-TC018 飛行蜻蜓 Flying Kamakiri #1 (Rare)
SP03-TC019 閃光天使 Shining Angel (Rare)
SP03-TC020 雪人吞噬者 Snowman Eater (Rare)
SP03-TC021 蒲公英獅子 Dandylion (Super Rare)
SP03-TC022 孤火花 Lonefire Blossom (Rare)
SP03-TC023 殭屍帶菌者 Plaguespreader Zombie (Super Rare)
SP03-TC024 隱形天使 Skelengel (Common)
SP03-TC025 食人蟲 Man-Eater Bug (Common)
SP03-TC026 D.D.烏鴉 D.D. Crow (Rare)
SP03-TC027 魔導雜貨商人 Magical Merchant (Common)
SP03-TC028 墓場蠕動者 Grave Squirmer (Common)
SP03-TC029 大薰風鳳凰 Daigusto Phoenix (Rare)
SP03-TC030 No.17 海鱷龍 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (Ultra Rare)
SP03-TC031 No.61 火山恐獸 Number 61: Volcasaurus (Super Rare)
SP03-TC032 破刃殺手 Sword Breaker (Common)
SP03-TC033 A・O・J 災難獸 Ally of Justice Catastor (Super Rare)
SP03-TC034 東方龍 Orient Dragon (Common)
SP03-TC035 廢鐵死亡惡魔 Scrap Archfiend (Common)
SP03-TC036 精神球惡魔 Thought Ruler Archfiend (Ultra Rare)
SP03-TC037 手牌抹殺 Card Destruction (Rare)
SP03-TC038 二重召喚 Double Summon (Common)
SP03-TC039 靈魂交換 Soul Exchange (Common)
SP03-TC040 槌擊 Hammer Shot (Common)
SP03-TC041 魂之解放 Soul Release (Common)
SP03-TC042 暗黑界的買賣 Dark World Dealings (Common)
SP03-TC043 靈魂捕獲者 Soul Taker (Common)
SP03-TC044 治療之神 蒂安·凱特 Dian Keto the Cure Master (Common)
SP03-TC045 氣旋 Mystical Space Typhoon (Super Rare)
SP03-TC046 敵人控制器 Enemy Controller (Rare)
SP03-TC047 終焉之焰 Fires of Doomsday (Common)
SP03-TC048 復活緞帶 Ribbon of Rebirth (Common)
SP03-TC049 卡片交易商 Card Trader (Common)
SP03-TC050 魔法筒 Magic Cylinder (Rare)
SP03-TC051 次元幽禁 Dimensional Prison (Super Rare)
SP03-TC052 陷阱刺激 Trap Stun (Common)
SP03-TC053 技能繼承 Skill Successor (Common)
SP03-TC054 因果切斷 Karma Cut (Common)
SP03-TC055 停戰協定 Ceasefire (Common)
SP03-TC056 超古代生物的墓場 Grave of the Superancient Organism (Common)
SP03-TC057 宏觀宇宙 Macro Cosmos (Common)
SP03-TC058 技能抽取 Skill Drain (Super Rare)
SP03-TC059 活死人的呼喚 Call of the Haunted (Ultra Rare)
SP03-TC060 魔宮的賄賂 Dark Bribe (Rare)

– Thought Ruler Archfiend’s LP gain effect says when TRA gets destroyed by battle, not when it destroys by battle.
– Soul Release has to banish 5, not up to 5
– Dandylion says you can’t Tribute anything for Tribute Summons this turn, not just the Tokens.
– Dark Bribe lets your opponent draw 1 card, not that they MUST.
– Card Destruction says to have both players discard their hands, and then draw the same number of cards from Card Destruction’s user’s Deck.


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