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[Team YGOrg] Introducing YGOscope!

Hey everyone, Ryan Levine here on behalf of the YGOrg event team, and I’ve got an exciting announcement to share! The event team was founded with the goal of creating content aimed towards a more competitive audience, and to educate the less competitive players on the intricacies of competitive play. We’ve certainly been lacking on content, but that is all about to change with a new series of weekly articles built around a great new tool called YGOscope

Though still in its infancy, YGOscope is a new website that tracks and organizes play and win rate statistics across Duelingbook, making it one of the first mass data analysis tools available to Yu-Gi-Oh, and certainly the most accessible.  The site updates every Monday evening with the data from the previous week, keeping it fresh and up to date. The YGOscope team does a fantastic job of explaining how the tool works and where they collect the data on the main page of the site, but I will be providing a weekly analysis on trending cards, my explanations for certain cards’ placements, and how we can use this data to our advantage.  There are obviously some limitations in what the data can tell us, but I’ll be diving into more detail starting next Tuesday.  I’ll be working closely with the YGOscope team to provide the highest quality analysis possible, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy what we have in store. In the meantime you can start digging into the raw data yourself at!


Ryan Levine first began dueling in 2006, but did not delve into the competitive side of the game until late 2014, with the release of Duelist Alliance. Since then he has acquired 18 YCS and ARG tops and is best known for his dominant performance with SPYRAL, developing the "going 2nd" SPYRAL deck and winning both YCS Melbourne and ARG Orlando.