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Tactical Masters: First Pictures of Each Theme

Champions, horny jail and cool statues.

Three illustrations for the themes in the upcoming set Deck Build Pack: Tactical Masters have been revealed:

New theme #1: ヴァリアンツ / Valiants
“Pendulum Monsters who team up into Units!”

New theme #2: ラビュリンス / Labrynth
“A Boss Monster who awaits at the end of the labyrinth!”

Note: This is not a typo (yet). This is not the exact spelling of the word “labyrinth” in JP, and from the art the name may also be mixed with “labrys” (the weapon it’s holding), “love” because of all the hearts, and maybe some extra pun, so we’re going with Labrynth for the moment.

New theme #3: 神碑(ルーン)/ Rune
“A mysterious radiance that bestows a variety of powers!”

Note: This is a forced reading of the Kanji name which is composed of “divine” and “monument/tombstone”. This combination could otherwise probably be read as “shinpi”, which is a common word for “mystery”, written as “divine” + “secret” and it’s in fact being used in the description of the theme. We’re going with the forced reading of “Rune”, which already exists in other cards, and there may be a possibility that the name changes to something else because of those other cards.