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[Japan] Various New Cospa Goods

One Kaiba Product and a ton of VRAINS goods.

粉砕!玉砕!大喝采ー! Be Crushed! Die Gloriously! To Great Applause!
・110 x 40 centimeter Sports Towel
・It’s perfect for events and sports where you’ll sweat a lot.
・It can also be used in the Kitchen or on a Bus.
・It’s perfect even as a tapestry.
Size: 110 x 40 cm / 100% Cotton
Price:¥2,800 (plus Tax ¥3,024)
■ Estimated Release of Mid October 2017

Café Nagi Logo Full Color Mug Cup
1620 Yen

Cafe Nagi Logo Tin badge
432 Yen

Cafe Nagi Logo Apron
3132 Yen

Cafe Nagi Logo T-Shirt
3132 Yen

SOL Technologies Logo Mug Cup
864 Yen

Hostage Ai Full Color Coin Case
1296 Yen

Hostage Ai Tin Badge
432 Yen

SOL Technologies Logo TIn Badge
432 Yen

SOL Technologies Logo Large Tote Bag
1944 Yen

SOL Technologies Logo T-Shirt
3132 Yen


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