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[VBEX2 Lore] Number 4: Exosister

Sources still insist they “just get along really, really well.”



Young girls standing off against the incarnations of evil reborn in our world. Known as the “Maidens of Salvation,” these sweet girls wield sacred arms as their fierce fight against demons unfolds.

TL note: “Maidens of Salvation” is force-read as “Exorsister” (TCG: Exosister). This is how the theme was initially introduced in the poster for Grand Creators.

🙤🙟The Salvation Maidens that Exorcise the Evil Spirits Spreading in Our World🙝🙦
A long time ago, the demons spreading in the world were slayed by envoys of the heavens at the end of the Great War. However, these evil souls were able to prolong their existence by possessing lifeforms, and after the passage of time, completed their resurrection. Thus, as a result of the power of the reborn demons, humankind was on its way to its decline…Lamenting the condition of humanity, the girls in each sanctuary collectively offered their prayers. The heavens took heed of their prayers and delivered salvation: The girls were granted divine tools in the form of necklaces that hold the power of the envoys of heaven, which embody the will of the gods and that transform into weapons through their prayers. The Holy Water that is unleashed takes the form of the symbol of salvation and envelops the girls. People have come to fondly call the girls that wield the sacred arms and that exterminate the evil spirits through the miracles of the grace of the heavens “Maidens of Salvation.” The remaining survivors created organizations centered around the “Maidens of Salvation.” Treading between life and death, they began their counterattack.

Exosisters Magnifica
As long as they are together, there is no enemy they can’t defeat!!

🙤🙟The Demons Awakening From the Darkness🙝🙦
Demons can possess various lifeforms in order to gain a temporary body. There have been sightings of humans being possessed by demons, but it’s possible to prevent this by wearing a charm against evil spirits. There are 2 main ways to exterminate demons: The first one is to recite their true name and extract their souls. The second one is by destroying the possessing soul lying at the very depths of the possessed target through force. Since this second method can prove difficult if the demon is strong enough, it has become imperative to elucidate their true names.

Exosister Vadis

Exosister Carpedivem

End of page 1

🙤🙟The Two Groups that Exchange Their Vows of Sisterhood🙝🙦
The “Maidens of Salvaltion” have resolved to act in pairs to avoid losing the power of hope, however, in territories where the fight becomes too stern, these pairs form teams. Furthermore, Sisters that have exchanged Vows of Sisterhood are able to unleash a particularly strong power, with Sisters Elis and Stella and Sisters Irene and Sophia being granted power from the superior envoys and forming Team “Lilium”, who are assigned to territories where particularly powerful demons lurk. After the results of countless battles and with the help of the resistance organizations of this territory, they managed to protect people from the hands of the demons, however, the darkness of the lurking demons grows deeper by the hour.

Exosister Elis
The leader of “Lilium.” She had an elder Sister with whom she exchanged the Vows of Sisterhood, however her whereabouts became unknown during the midst of a battle.

Exosister Stella
When she wields the power of “the envoy with the speed of the god that protects the planet of Phaenon,” her form is called “Kaspitell” and she specializes in high-speed combat.

Exosister Irene
When she wields the power of “the envoy that conveys the words of the god that protects the Selene,” she passes judgment on the demons with holy water bullets under the name of “Gibrine”.”

Exosister Sophia
When she wields the power of “the envoy that conceals the grace of the god that protects the planet of Phosphorus, she becomes “Asophiel” and takes down enemies with a single, certain shot.”

Exosister Arment

Exosister Mikailis
This is the form “Elis” takes when she wields the power of “the envoy alike to the god that protects the Helios.” Even when there are no other methods to exorcise the demons such as revealing their true name, she also has the power to defeat them.

Exosister Pax
After a short break, the girls throw themselves once again into the fight…

Secret Image

Exosister Mikailis

Exosister Sophia/Exosister Asophiel

End of chapter

(Unfortunately, the reference arts for both Mikailis and Sophia/Asophiel are very small in the actual book, and zooming in only distorts the wording, making them harder to read. If we ever find other pics, we’ll gladly translate them, but it’s a physical challenge on the images themselves.)

TL note: The term “Vows of Sisterhood” through this page is written as “Vows of Sisters”, with the Japanese word for “Sisters” being force-read as “Soeurs”, the French word for “Sisters.”
The celestial bodies protected by the various gods are a more poetic form for Saturn (Phaenon) and Venus (Phosphorus), so in order to match that tone, I’m using some Greco-Roman names for them. The Moon (Selene) and the Sun (Helios) aren’t using any poetic terms, but for consistency, I’m using the Greco-Roman names for them as well.

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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