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[DP23] The Remaining Reprints

Okay, is there like a “Force the TCG to move cards off the list” thing going on?

DP23-JP000 Dark Magician Girl (Holographic Rare)

DP23-JP008 Magician’s Rod

DP23-JP010 Illusion Magic

DP23-JP011 Magicians Navigate

DP23-JP017 Winged Kuriboh

DP23-JP018 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin

DP23-JP20 Miracle Fusion

DP23-JP021 Skyscraper

DP23-JP22 A Hero Lives

DP23-JP028 Accel Synchron

DP23-JP029 Cosmic Blazar Dragon

DP23-JP031 Doppelwarrior

DP23-JP032 Quickdraw Synchron

DP23-JP040 Gagaga Samurai

DP23-JP041 Gogogo Giant

DP23-JP042 Dododo Buster

DP23-JP043 Onomatopaira

DP23-JP044 Halfway to Forever

DP23-JP051 Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer

DP23-JP052 Astrograph Sorcerer

DP23-JP053 Harmonizing Magician

DP23-JP054 Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom

DP23-JP055 Spiral Flame Strike


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