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[Unconfirmed] Cyberse Link Structure Deck Set List

It seems the international version, shockingly, includes more actual Cyberse. Fancy that.

SDCL-EN001 Digitron
SDCL-EN002 Dotscaper
SDCL-EN003 Cliant
SDCL-EN004 Backlinker
SDCL-EN005 Balancer Lord
SDCL-EN006 ROM Cloudia
SDCL-EN007 Boot Stagguard
SDCL-EN008 Dual Assembwurm
SDCL-EN009 Cyberse Wizard
SDCL-EN010 Backup Secretary
SDCL-EN011 Stack Reviver
SDCL-EN012 Launcher Commander
SDCL-EN013 Tragoedia
SDCL-EN014 Summoner Monk
SDCL-EN015 Card Trooper
SDCL-EN016 Debris Dragon
SDCL-EN017 Mathematician
SDCL-EN018 Crane Crane
SDCL-EN019 Magician of Faith
SDCL-EN020 Jester Confit
SDCL-EN021 Glow-Up Bulb
SDCL-EN022 Kinka-byo
SDCL-EN023 Cynet Backdoor
SDCL-EN024 Soul Charge
SDCL-EN025 Shuffle Reborn
SDCL-EN026 D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation
SDCL-EN027 Gold Sarcophagus
SDCL-EN028 Mind Control
SDCL-EN029 Cosmic Cyclone
SDCL-EN030 Moon Mirror Shield
SDCL-EN031 Where Arf Thou?
SDCL-EN032 Recoded Alive
SDCL-EN033 Miracle’s Wake
SDCL-EN034 Powerful Rebirth
SDCL-EN035 Premature Return
SDCL-EN036 Swamp Mirrorer
SDCL-EN037 Quantum Cat
SDCL-EN038 Storming Mirror Force
SDCL-EN039 Dimensional Barrier
SDCL-EN040 Ghosts from the Past
SDCL-EN041 Encode Talker
SDCL-EN042 Tri-Gate Wizard
SDCL-EN043 Binary Sorceress

If True, this means the TCG version has swapped the following from the OCG version out:

  • Morphing Jar
  • Black Dragon Collapserpent
  • White Dragon Wyverburstar
  • Treeborn Frog
  • Solemn Strike

For these:

  • Cyberse Wizard
  • Backup Secretary
  • Stack Reviver
  • Launcher Commander
  • Ghosts from the Past

Source of Claim: Facebook

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