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[OCG] Justifications for the January 1st 2020 Limit Regulations

Given straight by V Jump

Outer Entity Azathot
This card allowed one-sided gameplay.

Topologic Gumblar Dragon
Allowed for large amounts of hand destruction during the opening turn(s).

Zoodiac Drident
Follows the return of “(Zoodiac) Barrage” in the restoration of the key cards for Zoodiac.

Beginning of the End
Heavily used as a key component in the “Danger!” Deck.

Altergeist Meluseek
Usage restricted as it can be considered a key card in the start of the Duel.

Galatea, the Orcust Automaton
A heavily used card in early and mid game.

Orcust Harp Horror
A powerful card used in several Decks.

Deep Sea Diva
By Semi-Limiting it, it empowers Decks like “Atlantean”.

A second wind for the once mighty Dinosaur Type.

Tour Guide from the Underworld
A card that can be used in Decks like Burning Abyss and Unchained.

Semi-Limited for being a multi purpose card.

Nekroz of Unicore
A theme that is slowly being freed from being Limited.

Thunder Dragonroar
A small Limit for one of the currently popular Decks.

Salamangreat Circle
Semi-Limited for being early game support.

Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole
This effect allows the use of “Sky Striker” cards twice.

Allure of Darkness:
Heavily used in “Thunder Dragon” and “Danger!”.

Red Reboot
Mainly used against Decks that revolve around powerful Trap Cards.

Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
Adding more stability to “HERO” Decks.

Invoked Mechaba
Immediately unlimiting a key card with a powerful effect.

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber
Allows for a breakthrough by destroying all monsters.

Chain Strike
Provides stability for effect damage Decks.

For a new wave of “Infernoid” Decks.

Draco Face-Off
To power-up Decks focused on Pendulum Summoning.


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