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[V Jump] Collectors Pack 2018 Rarities

Just clarifying the rarities of cards from the recent issue.

Michion, the Timelord (Common)

Hailon, the Timelord (Common)

Gabrion, the Timelord (Rare)

Raphion, the Timelord (Common)

Nonexistence (Common)

Endless Emptiness (Common)

Infinite Light (Common)

Litmus Doom Swordsman (Rare)

Iron Draw (Rare)

Litmus Doom Ritual (Common)

Borrelguard Dragon (Super Rare)

Hayate the Earth Star (Common)

Tenma the Sky Star (Common)

Kaiki the Unity Star (Common)

Idaten the Conqueror Star (Common)

Shura the Combat Star (Rare)


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