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[ARC-V] Some Monsters About Upcoming Episodes

From the final, post Zarc storyline! it’s been revealed what will be key monsters for upcoming Duels.

Yuya’s Performapal Deck will be using the likes of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Performapal Gongato, Xiangke Magician and Xiangsheng Magician. As well, Yuya gains Performapal Miracle Mirrabbit, a Level 4 Performapal with 1200 ATK and DEF, who aids in attacking.

Meanwhile, Kurosaki Shun returns with Raidraptor – Vanishing Lanius, Raidraptor – Rise Falcon and Raidraptor – Revolution Falcon. (And an unknown Rank 12 Raidraptor)

Dennis in his match with Yuya in Heartland, fights with his Performage Deck. The key ones he’s using are his ace Performage Trapeze Magician, his Fusion Performage Trapeze Force Witch, and his Performage Bubble Gardna.

Akaba Reiji will be using his D/D/D (Different Dimension Demon) Deck. With the likes of D/D/D Gale King Alexander, D/D/D Flame King Genghis, and D/D/D Wave King Caesar.

Source: V Jump

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