[BLRR] Major Reprints from Relentless Revenge

Including a hint about new cards from Cybernetic Horizon.

  • Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju (Secret Rare)
  • Tornado Dragon (Secret Rare)
  • Solemn Strike (Ultra Rare)

  • Noble Knight Brothers (Ultra Rare)
  • Merlin (Secret Rare)
  • Noble Knight Medraut (Ultra Rare)

As well, Konami has confirmed multiple new support cards for Noble Knights will be in “Cybernetic Horizon”

  • T.G. Wonder Magician (Ultra Rare)
  • Brilliant Fusion (Secret Rare)
  • Elemental HERO Honest Neos (Secret Rare)

  • The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots (Secret Rare)
  • Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade (Secret Rare)
  • The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak (Secret Rare)

  • Dragonic Diagram (Secret Rare)
  • Darklord Ixchel (Secret Rare)
  • Trickstar Reincarnation (Secret Rare)

  • Uni-Zombie (Ultra Rare)
  • PSY-Frame Driver (Ultra Rare)
  • Eater of Millions (Ultra Rare)


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