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[Merchandise] Movic OCG Based Products

Various products based on Official Card Game cards.

2nd Wave of Clear Files (350 Yen)

  • Obelisk the Tormentor
  • The Winged Dragon of Ra
  • Slife the Sky Dragon
  • Silent Magician & Silent Swordsman
  • Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon & Starving Venom Fusion Dragon


Trading Tin Badge (Series 1) 350 Yen per Badge

  • Yami Yugi
  • Yugi Muto
  • Dark Magician
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Kuriboh
  • Gokibore
  • Firewall Dragon
  • Borreload Dragon
  • Salamangreat Heatleo
  • Pot of Greed
  • Rescue Cat
  • Ghost Ogre & Joyous Spring
  • Aussa the Earth Charmer
  • Wynn the Wind Charmer
  • EARTH Attribute
  • WIND Attribute


Trading Tin Badge (Series 2) 350 Yen per Badge

  • Seto Kaiba
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Shooting Star Dragon
  • Number 100: Numeron Dragon
  • Supreme King Z-ARC
  • Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon
  • Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • Enemy Controller
  • Rescue Rabbit
  • Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries
  • Eria the Water Charmer
  • Hiita the Fire Charmer
  • WATER Attribute
  • FIRE Attribute


Official T-Shirts (2000 Yen a Shirt)

  • Yami Yugi & Yugi Muto
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  • It Can Also Be Activated During Your Opponent’s Turn


As for the First round of Clear File Folders, you can check them out here.


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