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Results of the Next Structure Deck Poll

In the end, there can only be two.

The results are as follows:

1st: 19.20% – Ice Barrier
2nd: 18.83% – Cyber Style
3rd: 17.48% – Gusto
4th: 8.91% – Trickstar
5th: 8.35% – Morphtronic
6th: 7.97% – Kuriboh
7th: 5.47% – Kaiju
8th: 5.44% – Star Seraph
9th: 4.99% – Tour Guide
10th: 3.36% – Superheavy Samurai

And as announced before, the top 2 winners, Ice Barrier and Cyber Style will each get a Structure Deck. More information about them will come at a future date.

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