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[MERCHANDISE] Five Below Throw Pillows

Rest your noggin on chibi duelists, spellcasters and dragons. Five Below are selling these six chibi throw pillows for $5.00 USD each.

Each pillow is around 10″ x 9.7″ x 2″in./25.4 x 24.638 x 5.08 cm in size. Note that the Yami Yugi and Blue-Eyes pillows are the same designs as pillows previously made by Surreal Entertainment, but are smaller than they were.

Yami Yugi

Seto Kaiba and Dark Magician Girl. For unknown reasons, you can currently only purchase Dark Magician Girl by going to the listing for Kaiba and then selecting Dark Magician Girl.

Dark Magician

Blue-Eyes White Dragon. For unknown reasons, searching for “Yu-Gi-Oh!” on Five Below’s site does not bring this pillow up, so we’ll include a link to the listing here.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon


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