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[Duel Links] One Year Anniversary

The first year anniversary is on, and various things are going on:

First off, Players will gain 1.5 times the experience for the next 11 days.

Secondly, Duelists have a special event in DM World being held: Duel Strings and defeat him to obtain the Egyptian God, “Slifer the Sky Dragon”.

Also, if you play as Yami Yugi and summon Slifer, you’ll be able to view its Summoning Animation!

The 16th to 24th will be a Duel-A-Thon

Thirdly, Konami is handing out UR and SR Card Tickets to allow you to obtain rare cards. Specifically 3 UR and 3 SR Tickets, over 6 Days. These Tickets will last until March 30th~31st.

Next, a Gold themed Playmat and Sleeves featuring Yami Yugi and Jaden are being handed out as a gift.

From January 12th to February 28th, players can obtain 1500 Gems. (Just in time for a new Box.)

And to continue the celebration of the start of GX World into the 1st Anniversary, the celebratory Playmat and Sleeves plus the 1010 Gems handed out since late September to players will continue to be given until February 28th, 2018.


Ojama Yellow discovered a Tag Duel competition is in the works for Duel Links, along a new World being planned. But he unfortunately met Yubel who then kicks you and Ojama Yellow out of a Top Secret restricted section of Duel Links.

Also, of note, for those who started Yu-Gi-Oh! with Duel Links, Konami is recommending you watch GX and 5D’s on YouTube at

And finally:

Japanese Commercial of Kaiba announcing the anniversary events.

A Japanese Commerical hyping the addition of Slifer the Sky Dragon.


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