[SEVENS] Episode 66 Summary

This is more for completion’s sake. How.

Episode 66:  決戦!魔神帝国 – Kessen! Mashin Teikoku
(Showdown! The Devil Empire)

The final battle against the Goha Siblings, with the fate of Rush Duels on the line, is finally here! Yuga challenges the Lukeman, who showed up behind Yuo, to a Duel. What tactics will Yuga use to defeat the Lukeman, who has now switched into his Perfect Mode?

Script: 竹内利光 || Takeuchi Toshimitsu
Storyboard: 近藤信宏 || Kondo Nobuhiro
Direction: 三好正人 || Miyoshi Masato
Animation Director(s): TBD

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