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[SEVENS] News from Jump Festa 2021

A new character announced, and some other details.

Everyone’s favorite character, Dragias Curry.

A new character will appear in the show named Arisugawa Jango, played by Saeki Yuusuke.

The second Yu-GI-Oh! SEVENS home video release (Episodes 14 to 26) goes on sale January 27th 2021.

It comes with a new alternate artwork of “Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess” (Ultra Parallel Rare foiling)

Noodle Sorako

The second “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Complete Challenge #2 Confirmed”

777 people can assemble to Digital Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Cards via Data Broadcast to get special foil rare cards!!

The first present “Sevens Road Magician” lasts until January 8th 20201

The second present “Dragias the Striking Dragon” will begin as a challenge provided via SEVENS Best Selection and the normal episodes of SEVENS



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