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[SEVENS] Information About Yuro and His Ace Monster

It’s another cybernetic blast from the future past!


One of the Presidents of Goha Who Studies Speed

A young boy who is one of the Siblings that are the Presidents of Goha Corporation, who comes from Goha Space Elementary. Carrying passionate desire to fight with speed, he challenges Yuuga to a super highspeed Duel using machines.

Duel Research

The Ace Monster of Yuro, Who Pierces The Wind

Cyber-Tech Alligator

5 Stars / ATK 2500 / DEF 1600

A wyvern whose been partially mechanized. Despite being Level 5, its ATK is 2500! It can butt heads even if its foe is a Level 7 or higher monster…!!

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump


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