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[SEVENS] Excerpts from Interview with Mr. Yashiro

More on Rook and how he’s meant to be viewed and acted.

Mr. Yahsiro voices Rook (i.e. Kamijo Tatsuhisa), the self-proclaimed #1 Duelist of Goha 7 Elementary. Knowing of the rumor of the “Duel King”, while figuring out how to become the King, he notices Yuga, the main character, exist. It is said he is conscious of purity and passion while putting on a show.

“Anyways, I like exciting things. Rook is a hot-blooded and generally good person. My read is that he likes cool things, and immediately jumps at what he thinks is cool. It sometimes end up being like “What’s up with everyone and everything around you, Rook!?” However, whenever he tries to look good, it never feels quite natural. I have to try and come off as having genuine passion what he thinks is good or passionate, so I perform with that in mind.”

In “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS” there are many scenes where characters shout.

“I think I might be the one who screams the most, hahaha. And slowly but surely, there might be more and more shouting… When I was a kid, I used to imitate Duels from the TV show, so it’s a dream to be able to Duel like this, and I can’t help but have fun.”

“The name of the cards is interesting. I’m a Duelist, and I’m attached to what I like and love. Also, I think the interactions between the cast is also interesting. Also, there’s a bunch of gags included. Eh!? There’s also a depth to this show, where we’ve made it multi-layered so kids and adults can both enjoy it.”

Mr. Yashiro’s comedic performance will be one of the show’s highlights. I’m hoping for the passionate success of Rook.



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