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Official Tournament Store Tournament Pack 9 Checklist

There’s also the curious case of the Portuguese cards being printed here.

OP09-EN001 Elemental HERO Stratos (Ultimate Rare)
OP09-EN002 Trickstar Lycoris (Ultimate Rare)
OP09-EN003 Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku (Ultimate Rare)
OP09-EN004 Morphing Jar (Super Rare)
OP09-EN005 Galaxy Wizard (Super Rare)
OP09-EN006 Thunder Dragonmatrix (Super Rare)
OP09-EN007 Reprodocus (Super Rare)
OP09-EN008 Card Destruction (Super Rare)
OP09-EN009 Super Polymerization (Super Rare)
OP09-EN010 Galaxy Expedition (Super Rare)
OP09-EN011 Sekka’s Light (Super Rare)
OP09-EN012 Personal Spoofing (Super Rare)
OP09-EN013 Elemental HERO Neos Alius
OP09-EN014 T.G. Cyber Magician
OP09-EN015 T.G. Striker
OP09-EN016 T.G. Warwolf
OP09-EN017 T.G. Rush Rhino
OP09-EN018 Jet Synchron
OP09-EN019 Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
OP09-EN020 Instant Neo Space
OP09-EN021 Silent Graveyard*
OP09-EN022 Fusion Substitute
OP09-EN023 Imperial Order
OP09-EN024 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley
OP09-EN025 Tachyon Transmigration
OP09-EN026 Mecha Phantom Beast Token (Super Rare)

OP09-PT027 Cyberdark Dragon
OP09-PT028 Scrap Chimera
OP09-PT029 Scrap Goblin
OP09-PT030 Scrap Golem
OP09-PT031 Scrap Soldier
OP09-PT032 Scrap Orthros
OP09-PT033 Scrapyard
OP09-PT034 Scrapstorm
OP09-PT035 Scrap Factory
OP09-PT036 Scrap Archfiend

* Renamed version of “Forbidden Graveyard” due to “Condemned Witch”

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