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[SBD1] Full Contents List for Hyper Machine Road

No Sevens Road Magician or Dark Liberation

RD/SBD1-JP001 Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road [L]
RD/SBD1-JP002 Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road
RD/SBD1-JP003 Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road [R]
RD/SBD1-JP004 Full Meteor Impact
RD/SBD1-JP005 Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator
RD/SDB1-JP006 Brave of Dawn, Lydacross
RD/SBD1-JP007 Brave of Twilight, Lyadacross
RD/SBD1-JP008 Bascule the Moving Fortress
RD/SBD1-JP009 Accel Wonder Supra
RD/SBD1-JP010 Accel Wonder Flare
RD/SBD1-JP011 Sonic Jaeger (2 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP012 Necrmaid Nana
RD/SBD1-JP013 Aqua Sorcerer
RD/SBD1-JP014 Cyber Falcon
RD/SBD1-JP015 Doriado
RD/SBD1-JP016 Silver Wolf (2 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP017 Thunder the Lightning (2 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP018 Fire Golem (2 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP019 Amazing Dealer
RD/SBD1-JP020 Silver Fang (2 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP021 Magical Beast Wolfram (2 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP022 Stray Familiar (3 Copies)
RD/SBD1-JP023 Piercing!
RD/SBD1-JP024 Type Change Blaster
RD/SBD1-JP025 White Foam Cannon – Bleach Mortar
RD/SBD1-JP026 Right Magic
RD/SBD1-JP027 Recovery Force
RD/SBD1-JP028 Road Magic – Explosion
RD/SBD1-JP029 Road Magic – Backflow
RD/SBD1-JP030 Crazy and Complicit
RD/SBD1-JP031 Spirit Shackles
RD/SBD1-JP032 Mystery Handcuffsm



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