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[Duel Links] Sartorius Kumar Added to the Gate

Previously an event exclusive character, Sartorius has been added to the Gate. How to obtain him and obtain his event exclusive skill “Three Lord Pillars”.

Players who did not unlock Sartorius during previous events can now unlock him through Character Unlock Missions.

In addition, players who had not obtained the event exclusive skill “Three Lord Pillars” will now be able to obtain it by completing Lifetime Missions.

Character Introduction

Sartorius Kumar

Ace Monster

“Arcana Force EX – The Light Ruler” [UR]

Obtainable Duel Rewards 

“Arcana Force XII – The Hangman” [UR]

“Arcana Force XVIII – The Moon” [SR]

“Arcana Force XIV – Temperance” [SR]

“Arcana Force I – The Magician” [SR]

Obtained through Lifetime Missions

Skill: Three Lord Pillars

*Sartorius Kumar will appears at the Gate when you reach Stage 6 in Duel World (GX). His Character Unlock Missions will spear as well.