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[TCG] Saber Force and Dark Legion Contents

Shockingly, nothing changed except for Shatterfoils.

Saber Force Starter Deck

YS15-ENF00 Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon (Secret Rare)
YS15-ENF01 Alexandrite Dragon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF02 Mystical Elf (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF03 Odd-Eyes Dragon (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF04 Kaiser Glider
YS15-ENF05 Cyber Dragon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF06 Herald of Creation (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF07 Blade Knight (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF08 Mirage Dragon
YS15-ENF09 Maha Vailo (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF10 DUCKER Mobile Cannon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF11 Skelengel
YS15-ENF12 The Calculator
YS15-ENF13 Dark Hole (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF14 Smashing Ground (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF15 Monster Reincarnation
YS15-ENF16 Mystical Space Typhoon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF17 Rush Recklessly (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF18 Poison of the Old Man
YS15-ENF19 Black Pendant
YS15-ENF20 Malevolent Nuzzler
YS15-ENF21 Mirror Force (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF22 Magic Cylinder (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF23 Pinpoint Guard
YS15-ENF24 Trap Hole (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF25 Dust Tornado (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF26 Call of the Haunted (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF27 Negate Attack

Dark Legion Starter Deck

YS15-ENL00 D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon (Secret Rare)
YS15-ENL01 Beast of Talwar
YS15-ENL02 Archfiend Soldier
YS15-ENL03 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL04 Gravi-Crush Dragon
YS15-ENL05 Goblin Elite Attack Force (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL06 Axe Dragonute (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL07 Lancer Lindwurm (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL08 Mad Archfiend (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL09 Fabled Ashenveil
YS15-ENL10 Lancer Dragonute (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL11 Theban Nightmare (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL12 Exploder Dragon (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL13 Grave Squirmer
YS15-ENL14 Dark Hole (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL15 Smashing Ground (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL16 Monster Reincarnation
YS15-ENL17 Mystical Space Typhoon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL18 Rush Recklessly (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL19 Axe of Despair
YS15-ENL20 Malevolent Nuzzler
YS15-ENL21 Banner of Courage
YS15-ENL22 Mirror Force (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL23 Magic Cylinder (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL24 Trap Hole (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL25 Dust Tornado (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL26 Mask of Weakness
YS15-ENL27 Call of the Haunted (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL28 Negate Attack


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