Rush Duel Theme Lore Revealed!

In a surprise twist, the guidebook for the second Rush Duel video game has been revealed to contain lore similar to the Master Guides and Valuable Books

An Incomplete List of Lore and Stories is:

Blaze Fiends
Shaman Bandit (Rovian’s Theme)
Area 33 (Mitsuko’s Theme)
The Shadow Flower Army (Nanahoshi’s Theme)
Heavenly (The Level 10 Support Cards)
Ancient Dragons
Handy Lady
Taste Inspector
Battle Junky (i.e. Max Raider)


The Enforcers of Justice Who Protect World Peace

Lumiere, who was entrusted with the super tech, “Extech” from a galaxy far far away, leads her comrades who have joined with her to defeat the evils that threaten their beautiful world.

“This is my Justice!!”

If we can get our hands on the book, we will translate lore. Which reminds me…

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